Vivid Voyage Photography

Photographer Aaron Q Houston

As a native of San Diego County, I was accustomed to sun and sea. That all changed when my wife and I relocated to the rainy Pacific Northwest in 2000. Residing in the Willamette Valley in Oregon, we are only a short drive away from mountains and lush forest, which affords us ample opportunity to partake in some of our favorite activities as nature lovers, such as hiking, camping, exploring, and of course photography. Along with my passion for photography, I am an avid musician, writing and performing music since my late teens.
My wife, as a fellow artist and photographer, works along side me as a team on all photography shoots. She is our ‘second’ camera, and is the one responsible for staging, posing, and double checking scenes before each shot. She also has a way of making our clients feel comfortable and at ease….and making them smile and laugh for the camera. When we are not on a photo shoot, we can usually be found working together in our home based wood shop, where we design and craft custom art, furniture and home décor for our soon-to-be site: Boondocks Workshop, which is currently under construction.
Photographs can take someone on a journey. Imagery that captivates the viewer and pulls them into the scene as if they were present is my intention. I endeavor to reflect time and place, mood – be it dramatic, dark, or romantic – like a novel from Dickens, Bronte, Dumas, or Austen. A professional photographer, musician and lyricist for over 25 years. Living in the diverse Pacific Northwest gives me an abundance of photographic opportunities, which I try to take advantage of as much as possible. I also travel quite frequently throughout the united states and Europe, capturing my journeys in photos. Instead of leaving my work in the hands of a lab, my dedicated studio affords me the ability to have complete control and oversight of the editing and printing of each and every photo, using only materials and equipment of the highest quality, producing professional prints, meticulously, one at a time.
Thank you for your interest in my work, I truly appreciate it.
Aaron Q Houston